The Fairey Gannet T5

Welcome to the official home website of XT752. 

Worldy renowned as aviations most historic and famed Gannet in existence, 

that we fondly call “JANET”.

I hope enthusiasts, supporters and friends worldwide will join us and enjoy a journey, and closer look at her unique history from the beginning as WN365 through to XT752. From the ups and downs, to the current and future life of the worlds only Fairey Gannet that became a prototype and new development TWICE, with an amazing service history through military and civilian care. 
As you continue in the site please bear a thought to the donations buttons, and view the support XT752 page as it will explain her need for your kind help.     
By just donating or joining our Friends of XT752 you can easily, securely and very importantly help a RARE sole piece of British aviation history continue to survive, of which ALL proceeds go to her preservation and airworthiness, you don’t have to be a lottery winner to play a meaningful part in her life.
XT752 offers this unique opportunity for the first time in her history, for everyone to be counted in helping us preserve and care for her, and her continued aviation heritage. Supporting her helps us give present and future generations the opportunity to appreciate what she served so hard for, and retired here in the USA to fly as "THE LONE SURVIVOR" of a very unique type.